National Park Plitvička Jezera

Plitvice Lakes (240km from Villa Trogir) are located in the eastern part of Lika, between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Lička Plješevica, near the road that links Zagreb and Dalmatia. Name refers to a group of lakes. The surface of some of the lakes are very small and are part of the dispersed falls. Officially there are sixteen lakes: Prošćansko, Batinovac, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Vir, Large and Small Jovinovac, Galovac, Milino lake, Gradinsko lake, Big Burget, Kozjak Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluđerovac and Novakovic-brod.

The lakes are connected to many larger and smaller waterfalls, and the height difference between the first (Prosćansko) and the last lake (Novakovica-ship) is 134 meters.

Forest is a common feature of the whole wider area, so even though the lakes are not at high altitude, complete impression of mountain landscapes. In this space to the east dominated northwestern mountain Ličke Plješevice - Medvedjak (889 meters), and in the west a few mountain peaks in the mountain part of the Mala Kapela. The top of this mountain, 1280 meters, is also the highest point in the national park. The lowest is 400 meters.