Cetina is long 104km. Water from river Cetina flows to the power station by the sea near Split. Water, which is regularly let out to the naturally canyon, is great place for summer rafting. The place under the waterfall in Studenec is great place for bathing. Cetina makes deep and beautiful canyon. On its long way makes couple of amazing passes: Gornjacka, Dragovicka, Derventska, Obrovacka (near town Obrovac Sinjski), Triljska (near town Trilj) and Zadvarska (near town Zadvarje).

The most frequently place for the downhill is lower flow from the bridge at Podgrad to the Radmanovy mlinice. Rafting companies offer the downhill at the part, which is long 8km Slime (Pensici) – Radmanove mlinice. The enter point of the middle part of Cetina is Tril or Blato na Cetini. The enter point at the lower part is mainly village Trilj with beautiful canyon and with the town Sinj. You can see there also canoes, kayaks and catamarans. The last 5 km before Omis are using for the trips to canyon (also at boats). The another attraction are rock gate and the cave with bats.